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Mystery Surrounds these Dark Cultists who plague the fir’Bolg and humanity alike from their havens in The Ermine. Even their origins remain in doubt. Humans claim the bre’Unor are renegade fir’Bolg, while fir’Bolg claim they are renegade Humans. If anyone has put them to the fertility test, they have not confessed to it. The bre’Unor may well be neither human nor fir’Bolg, but yet a third distinct race sharing the same general features.

Another theory claims the bre’Unor are partially undead humans, suspended precisely on the line between life and unlife. Those veterans who’ve struck a sword in one generally scoff at this notion.

The bre’Unor live aboriginal lives hidden away in their forest home and punctuated by the violent religion that they practice.
As best as civilized scholars can determine, the bre’Unor believe that their air-spirit deity, b’Y’laggo, draws strength from the dying breaths of their victims. Eventually the bre’Unor believe, b’Y’laggo will grow strong enough to scatter all of their enemies. The bre’Unor collect their victims’ heads for use as offerings.

No one has ever come across an established bre’Unor settlement. Habitat sites that have been unearthed were located in the deepest recesses of The Ermine, and would qualify as little more than crude campsites by most standards. Elaborate altars of carved bone command many of them, and represent the one refined object found in bre’Unor possessions. The shrines usually portray a demonic figure (presumably b’Y’laggo) interrelating with several bre’Unor and their victims in obscene and/or gory detail. Examples retrieved from The Ermine often draw large prices as art objects, despite the palpable presence of evil in their nature.
The fir’Bolg swear they’ve never seen evidence that the bre’Unor use fire, and that the savagery the bre’Unor inflict on their prey makes a great waste of edible meat. Those proposing that the bre’Unor are semi-undead point to this as evidence to support their view, while most simply believe the cultists live on a diet of raw flesh and likely engage in eating other sentients.
The fir’Bolg and those humans living near The Ermine usually encounter the bre’Unor in small groups. these rarely exceed 20 in number, though in war several such groups have been known to converge. Within the deep forest, lone bre’Unor are more commonly encountered.

A bre’Unor appears to be a normal human, with standard height and weight. The only difference is the skull of some unidentified beast that each wears upon their head; it does not come off. Most scholars believe the skull is magically melded to the skin of the bre’Unor’s head in some dark initation rite.

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