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Foremost among non-human defenders of the Light, these litte mechanics bring powerful weapons – and a disturbing disregard for collateral damage – to the fight for truth, justice, and the peaceful pursuit of obscene profits.

Before the wars, the Dwarves inhabited the mountains around Myrgard and Stoneheim, ruled by their twin ephors (seen by humans as city-state kings). Their social structure, little understood by Humans, more resembled that of a guild than a nobility. The Ghols claimed foothills only in the north. The Dwarves busied themselves with mining and technological innovation. Always hungry for material wealth, they understood that their inventions would ultimately increase their worth far beyond what an ordinary pick can gouge out of the earth. Lately they’ve grown fascinated with their technology for its own sake as well. Devices delight them, though not so much as wealth. Since the wars, many Dwarves have re-established themselves around Myrgard. Others have decided to settle in the Human west to which they fled as refugees. West or east, they all want Stoneheim back badly. It’s too great an investment to write off.

Dwarves average 2’ shorter than humans, but weigh 30 more pounds. Males are all bearded. Their hair tends to turn gray early in their lives, perhaps as a result of spending too much time around high explosives. They can take a lot of punishment… but tend to receive it in their usual place in the Light’s vanguard. Dwarves born without the racial nearsightedness get groomed for the relatively new mortar troops; nimble individuals with magical aptitude often become pathfinders

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