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Summoning the Fetch from another ranked as the most unprecedented move by Balor in his millennial bid for dominion over Myth. War historians differ on whether Balor himself wielded the magics that made this possible, or whether Dark mages in his service did the work at his bidding, but the spell has been lost since the Dark lord’s death.
For the last few decades the Fetch have been doomed to roam the lands of Myth, hostile strangers in an equally hostile strange land. They took up Soulblighter’s cause in the forlorn hope that he would honor Balor’s pledge to forge their path home, but since his death, they have returned to an exile status.
The Fetch are gaunt humanoids of human weight for their size, but average 6" taller. Their physical features are unknown – they always appear completely wrapped in Human or similar skin – but apparently include the horns which aren’t a standard feature of their outerwear.
Fetch complete their wardrobe with a long skirt that conceals the small steps of their rapid but mincing walk; from a distance they appear to glide as if levitating. They actually are remarkably unagile, negotiating terrain no better than a Dwarf.

Standard Fetch Template

Concept related (Trying to find a way home):

Breath Weapon [-2] Lightning (Weapon: 3)
Marked by Power [-1]
Flesh Mask [-1]
Ritual [-2] (Dimension Travelling)

Skills: Weapons, Dicipline, Conviction


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