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Centuries ago, all the might of the Dark stood powerless before the Light’s Myrmidons, warriors of vast skill… and vaster pride.
Unable to beat them, the Dark lord Balor enticed them to join him. He offered them immortality in exchange for their services. It seems unlikely that the Myrmidons – who spent the eve of battle with a mirror rather than a bedroll – understood all the terms of the pact they had struck.
Also known as the Kithless, the Myrmidons are free-willed undead, still terrible in battle, but now just as terrible to behold.

Myrmidons are decaying human corpses held together by their bandages and fierce will. They have the same height as a living man before racial modifications and weigh 30 pounds less.

Standard Myrmidon Template

Needs: Concept

Living Dead [-1]
Marked by Power [-1]
Inhuman Speed [-2]
Incite Emotion @ Range [-2] (Rage/Anger)

Skills: Intimidation, Weapons, Alertness


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