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The line between equipment and the eldritch blurs in these golemesque creatures who can cut terrible swaths through opposing ranks. The chronicles describe Stygian Knights as " empty shells of armor animated by mysterious sorceries" with “no true spark of life, and thus no fear of death.” They serve their masters with complete unthinking devotion.

The mages who create Stygian Knights must craft the armor themselves, and usually choose to fit them with oversized but thin plate sporting a variety of spikes. Legend has it the enchanter must invest a piece of his soul in each Knight, but knowledgeable thaumatologists scoff at this notion. The legend might arise from a common result of rolling a critical failure on the enchantment however.

A Stygian Knight resembles a golem made of plate armor. The armor usually boasts very large size (7 feet tall) and spikes but thin metal. Stygian Knights are not nearly as tough as they should be and are particularly vulnerable to explosives. Many theories seek to explain this relative weakness, but none to satisfaction.

Standard Stygian Knight Template

Concept for Knight

Aquatic [-1]
Marked by Power [-1]
Physical Immunity [-2] (Arrows/Piercing)
Superhuman Toughness [-3] (Explosives)

Skills: Weapons, Alertness, Might

Stygian Knight

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