The Dark

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The Dark represents rapine and rage, death and destruction. Its forces include the mindless undead, self-aware undead, living races too reprehensible for redemption, and a few races and human outcasts who haven’t been able to reach an accord with the existing Light societies.
The Dark suffers roughly the same internal discord as the Light; outlooks actually differ more than with the Light, but the fact that most anything goes balances this out. Though motives vary from simple churlishness to obsessive quests to destroy the world, Dark forces all have evil in common.

Races and Rank Things

The Dark encompasses so many creatures that no one sort predominates as humans do in the Light. The undead form the largest component in its forces. Thralls provide a backbone of melee troops around which work the Soulless with their putrid spears and the Wights with their second-time’s-the-charm suicidal forays. Ghasts provide the cannon fodder, Stygian Knights the heavy infantry, and Shades the wizardly support arm. Shadows are a form of ghostly undead.
Living creatures working alongside the decaying cohorts include the long limbed Ghols and low-browed Mauls. Beings plucked from another dimension, the Fetch provide literal shock troops. More ferocious and fearsome than all are the Myrkridia.
The line between life and death can blur in service to the Dark. Rumors have it the mysterious Breā€™Unor are more undead than alive. The profane Myrmidions gave up life itself in exchange for grim immortality.
Perhaps most contemptible of all are the human Brigands and Dark Archers who have gone over to the dark. Finally loom the mighty Trow whose allegiance shifted to the Light but has now expired, leaving their status uncertain.


The Dark rarely governs. Some Dark lords, such as Balor, have seemed to desire an iron-fisted rule, but even those who won their war have lost that battle and died in the process of securing a chaotic Dark reign. Other Dark leaders such as Soulblighter have sought nothing more than destruction. Among themselves, Ghols and Mauls possess rough tribal societies. The Ghols are defying the Dwarves at Stoneheim and all points around Myrgard. The Mauls wander northeast of the Dire Marsh, towards their homeland on the Blind Steppe. Bands of Ghols range far from home on raids, and pockets of disoriented Mauls may still be encountered far west of their usual haunts. The Myrkridia now practice nothing more than running in backs, though they once overran all the continent, they are now few in number and far less organized. Despite having been all confined to the Tain at one point, the survivors may once again be found just about anywhere. They advanced along all fronts in Soulblighter’s campaign and without really meaning to a pack of Myrkridia can roam 100 leagues between two full moons.
The Fetch probably have a culture in their home dimension; too few exist on this plane to form a society.
The Trow retain fragments of a once thriving civilization, which they secure from Dark influences as forcefully as from Light.
Most of the undead have no concept or need for societies. The Shades might be prone to establish cancerous tyrannies wherever they might seize control. Most of their brethren simply serve their masters.

The Dark

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