The Light

The Light is the cause of life, civilization, prosperity, and law – though rarely all at once. It forms a coalition of societies – some uncivilized, some chaotic and undisposed toward the rigid self-discipline of law, and some as prone to wage war on their own time as in service against the Dark. The Light could form no “party platform” without at least one society or race in its coalition objecting to each item within it.
The forces of Light have their difference, but set them aside for the common good when the dark threatens. Even the most stubborn understand that piecemeal they represent nothing more than prey.

Races and Units

Humans and Dwarves form the backbone of the Light, humans by virtue of their numbers and the relatively few Dwarves with their expertise in explosives.
The primary human military force is the Legion, ordinary Warriors with crack training who understand (if not always accept) that their duty often includes paving other units’ victories with their lives. They often work in tandem with Bowmen who employ irregular tactics. The warlike barbarian Berserks provide a ferocious punch. The Heron Guards form an elite force, though in the Great War they served as healing support in their penitent role as Journeymen.
The Dwarves use their pyrotechnic weapons exclusively, though they once wielded traditional melee weapons.
A few other groups and races – the Warlocks, the all-but-human fir’Bolg, and the reclusive Forest Giants primary among them – embrace Light’s cause as it suits them, but when push comes to shove it’s the selfless human forces and fearless Dwarves that the Light depends upon to carry the day.


For much of recent history the Light was led by the Avatara, a circle of archmages of whom the most powerful was Alric. Alric has revived the Cath Bruig empire with himself on its throne. The empire encompasses most of the lands of humanity, stretching east from Tandem on the northwestern and Covenant on the southwestern shores, to the Dire Marsh in the northeast and dwarven lands in the southeast.
The empire practices feudalism, recognizable from medieval examples but with a stronger emperor and weaker nobility. Historically the affluent Province has possessed its own king, based in Madrigal and not always answering to the emperor in Muirthemne. Currently Alric holds both titles.
The empire’s people primarily practice agriculture, with the vast majority farming in the interior or fishing on the coasts.
On parchment, these lands include the two great forests the Ermine and Forest Heart. In practice, the new Cath Bruig’s law penetrates the arbors as little more than sound suggestion. The fir’Bolg practice their own tribal society and the Forest Giants lead simple lives untouched by anything resembling government. The Berserks enjoy similar inaccessibility. They maintain a tribal community stretching along the mountainous northern coast. Their fishing, farming and raiding is little touched by imperial administration.
The Dwarves are rebuilding their own kingdom once centered on Stoneheim and Myrgard. It maintains close contact with Cath Bruig.

The Light

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