Mindless creatures, undead or otherwise, usually make poor PCs. Undead don’t really think or have personalities; they simply follow their master’s commands. However removing the Slave mentality or reprogrammable duty magic could create a self-willed undead, which may be horrified by its undead condition. Penalties will apply if you choose this route, talk with me if you would like to go with this type of character.

Mindless undead don’t have a culture, but they certainly impact that of their “source” race. Many Dark lords overrunning Light lands usually regard all Light casualties, prisoners, and inhabitants of occupied territories as their own potential cannon fodder. Only the number of necromancers in a Dark lord’s train limits the rate at which prisoners or slain foes become new undead recruits. Raiding parties have often carted off the entire populace of a village (or just the adult males in a large town). Their neighbors may see them return days later as a new company of undead.

Since Humans abhor looking into the unlit eyes of friends and loved ones in the opposing ranks, the populace in general tries to take great care with its dead. The Legion tends to the dead on a battlefield promptly, and will even take further losses to hold the ground on which it took casualties. Villagers lay out cemeteries in easily defended sites, and prudent ones post sentries in times of war.

Some pragmatists call for funeral rites to embrace cremation, but most major religions avoid the practice. Their texts show that in days of old, even more foul undead could be created from the ashes of the cremated. These spells might still exist in some not-quite-forgotten Dark library.
Standard Undead Template:

Musts: Concept for Undead, Aspect for Free will
Penalties will apply (as noted), In addition these powers must be taken:
Aquatic [-1] (Soulless are exempt from this)
Living Dead [-1]
Marked by Power [-1]
Inhuman Toughness [-2] (Catch: Anti-Magic Weapons)

Note: Undead are rather slow and cumbersome so generally, Initiative will cap at Average (+1) but exceptions may apply.

Cost: [-5]



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