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Massive humanoids resembling a cross between a boar and a tavern bouncer, Mauls often form the juggernaut core of a Dark army. As with the Ghols, their nature isn’t purely evil, but they do tend to take the direct approach and play to their own strengths, and their own strengths involve pounding those who oppose them into mush.

Mauls are very stout piglike creatures with roughly human proportions they are roughly 15 inches taller and 5 times the weight though. A maul’s purple-pinkish skin is covered in coarse hair. Their boar faces feature a pair of tusks that curve to the sides. These cant be used as a weapon but do protect the face from injury. Their beady yellow eyes, imbedded in a massive brow, give them notoriously poor sight.

Standard Maul Template

Concept for Maul

Hulking Size [-2]
Endurance: Tough Stuff [-1] (Stunt)
Inhuman Toughness [-2]
Inhuman Strength [-2]


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