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Perhaps the most powerful undead forces in Myth, Shades are mighty sorcerers who have exchanged a lifetime of hoarding power for an unlifetime of abusing it.
The process by which they undergo this transformation remains a mystery to the Light’s archmages. Some archmages fear that even knowing how it’s done would prove sufficient to immerse them in the Dark, so vile is the knowledge at its core. The most common belief is that most Shades, as powerful as they are, don’t wield magic-weaving skills sufficient to transform themselves into the undead. They instead bargain with an even more powerful Dark agent for the conversion, which would explain why so many of these notoriously self absorbed fiends serve a lower purpose.

Shades appear to be withered hairless corpses.

Standard Shade Template

Concept of a Shade

Any Magic is available for a Shade, but they cannot power it themselves, They require Energon Cubes (1 shot manastones) They are also traditionally reluctant to use enchanting magic.

Living Dead [-1]
Wings [-0] (float about a foot off the ground)
Evocation [-3]
Thaumaturgy [-3] (Each spell costs , we will go over it on a case by case basis)

Skills: Discipline, Conviction, Lore


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