Shadow (Mahir)

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Mahir Attacks an unlucky Berserk

Shadows – also called the Mahir – are undead creatures born of obsession, much like traditional ghosts, but permanently suspended halfway between this world and the next.
No known conscious effort creates a Mahir. Once in a rare while they arise when someone dies in a tragic or unjust manner, especially if that person was thwarted in some goal or routine.
Unfortunately for those still living, most Shadows seem to form from evil intents, and take up the violence they practiced in life. Counterbalancing this is the tendency for their Obsession to confine them to one place, whether their place of death, the site of an artifact they covet, or somewhere else aligned with their one, true goal. This minimizes the odds of running afoul of one as long as one avoids dank crypts, ancient towers, and the like.

A Mahir appears as nothing more than a circular shadow, about 9 feet across. When it moves it slides rapidly across the ground, leaving shadowy footbrints as a clue to its real nature. Upon approaching someone the Mahir’s true form appears – a shadowy skeleton standing upright at the center of the circle. This is the body of the Shadow, which is attacked at the center of its shadow effect. Shadows are nearly impossible to distinguish when they hide in natural shadows. They move all but noiselessly

Standard Shadow/Mahir Template

Concept pertaining to the Character, as well as an emotion that has tied it to this plane

Spider Walk [-1]
Cloak of Shadows [-1]
Spirit Form [-3]
Domination [-2]

Discipline, Alertness, Empathy

Shadow (Mahir)

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