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These Colossi have walked the lands of Myth since the beginning. Created by Nyx, the Trow mix features of golems and an ordinary race. They wound normally, and can digest food though need not eat it, yet turn to stone when heavily damaged. They do not breed, which means each Trow lost is never replaced, and rumor has it that no more than a few score now exist. They certainly can think for themselves, yet sometimes approach events with a detached perspective that suggests a strong, alien sense of fate.

At most times they look down upon “normal” races, quick to point out human folly and unlikely to become fervent about any cause other than worshipping Nyx. The horror they once wrought led them to forswear iron weapons – and in practice they avoid any weapon of any material- but a Trow will do massive violence with his bare feet and hands at minimal prompting.

The Trow once ruled the lands of Myth, building city-sized temple complexes of surreal beauty in glorification of Nyx. A millennia ago, Connacht imprisoned them and destroyed their works. Released by Balor, they have been caught up in the wars till now, first on the side of Dark and then Light. The direction that they will take with their freedom again time on their hands is anybody’s guess. They are assumed to be rebuilding their temples

The Trow are giant humanoids and all stand within inches of 18’ and weigh within 200lbs of 2700 lbs. A Trow makes an immense amount of noise as he strides along. As described by one traveler, A Trow speaks in “a voice I felt as much as heard… his words slow and deliberate … each syllable the roaring of an ocean…” The Trow aren’t very agile in bending over; they can pick up items off the ground, but not lunge out and down to throw punches at human sized foes. This requires them to kick at most adversaries and limits their reach for all practical purposes. The trow have a comfort zone between 25 and 140 – below 25 they begin slowing down. If they remain at that temperature for too long, they become immobile, still living but frozen solid. Berserks have been known to patrol the high mountains in storms to see if weather caught any Trow by surprise, then hack them to pieces in safety.

Standard Trow Template

Musts: Concept for Trow, Cannot use Weapons/Armor or Iron

Hulking Size [-1]
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Inhuman Toughness [-2] (Magic Weapons)
Marked by Power [-1]

Extreme Consequence is: Turned to Stone, Immobile but Living until recovered. When Stone Gain Supernatural Toughness [-4] (Blunt Weapons)

Skills: Fists, Scholarship, Conviction, Endurance


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